lundi 3 octobre 2011

IMG_0678 [2011-09-27]


IMG_0678 [2011-09-27]

Piece by Beastman in Nithsdale Lane off Elizabeth Street, where he, Yok and Numskull made the first of two murals for Streetware 2011.
It took them 2 days to make; they have planned for 5 days all up for the two murals. Unlike some of their murals, this one has council development approval, so hopefully should stay up for a while. They lost one of their murals in Leichhardt recently due to a single complaint to council and the owner of the building not having a DA for it, so it was buffed.
Although Streetware has started, this way people on the walking tour can at least see it getting made. They were naturally camera shy at first, but during its production seemed to get used to people coming by for photos, even enjoying it. Numskull said it was kinda fun. At first Beastman was covering up in a hoodie and sunnies, but none of them bothered by the next day.
Streetware, in its 2nd year, is a City of Sydney initiative as part of the Art & About festival.





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