jeudi 10 mai 2012

Yahoo! board member out; CEO frets

Yahoo! board member Patti Hart will be updating her resume soon — she’ll be adding “former” to her current role at the Sunnyvale, Calif., web portal.

Hart, who is also the CEO of International Game Technology, said yesterday she won’t run for re-election to Yahoo!’s board — a decision that was almost made for her after her resume came under scrutiny for inconsistencies.

The 54-year-old was among the Yahoo! board members in charge of vetting CEO Scott Thompson, who is getting slammed for inaccuracies in his description of his background.

The entire Yahoo! board said yesterday it would probe Thompson’s alleged resume padding.

Patti Hart

The resume wrecking ball was set in motion by activist hedge fund manager Dan Loeb of Third Point, which is fighting for four seats on Yahoo!’s board.

Yahoo! has criticized Loeb’s picks, and he turned the criticism around by uncovering Thompson’s falsified education history. The CEO had been touting a computer science degree he never received.

Hart’s education history also shows some padding: She has a business administration degree, not one in economics and marketing, as her resume suggests.

All Things D was the first to report on Hart’s pending departure, and said that she was being asked by Las Vegas-based International Game Technology to exit the Yahoo! mess and lose the distraction.

Loeb has called for all records regarding Thompson’s hiring and vetting process, including the resume he submitted.

It is not clear if the computer science degree was misstated on his resume, but it has been mentioned in his corporate bio, in public filings and online.

Thompson has told Yahoo! workers he is sorry for the distraction, but he has not addressed his trumped-up credentials.

Yahoo! shares yesterday ticked up 1 cent to $15.36 but remain off 17.6 percent over the past 12 months.

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