mardi 27 septembre 2011

Archery Tips - Brenda Van Niekerk

archery tips - brenda van niekerk
archery tips - brenda van niekerk

One size does NOT fit all

In some sports there may be a single 'correct' way of doing things, but I would argue strongly that this is not the case in archery. Archery is a very old sport in principle but, because of the rate of change in shooting technology, a very young one in practice. Maybe there is a universal, 'correct' way and its just that we haven't found it yet. Or maybe there is something more like a universal set of conditions to be met, such as consistent draw length, consistent torque on the handgrip, steady aim etc, and there are many different ways of meeting it depending on such all-too human factors as strength, size, shape, personality and even, perhaps, intelligence. We shall see, but I am firmly on the side of the second proposition, for the time being anyway. We are all different, and while in archery as in all sports, certain body shapes and mind-sets seem to predominate amongst the top performers, there are so many exceptions that I'm not even sure there is any rule to prove (and to 'prove' a rule means to test it - the test can go either way). The simple fact is that, with very few exceptions, any 'rule' we can state about archery will be broken with great success by a large proportion of those shooting at any level you like to name. In fact the only 'rule' that I have never yet (!) seen broken with any degree of success is Walker's First Law of Archery: put the notched end of the arrow on the string and point the sharp end at the target. Sometimes stated as 'The pointy end goes first!'.

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