mardi 27 septembre 2011

Finance Essentials For Entrepreneurs - Naeem Zafar

finance essentials for entrepreneurs - naeem zafar
finance essentials for entrepreneurs - naeem zafar

Few entrepreneurs are finance experts, but they need to have some basic understanding of finance to run their business. No investor will give them money unless they can demonstrate some ability to comprehend a financial model.
Such a financial model answers several key questions: Does their business idea make financial sense? How long will it take to break-even? What will my run rate when my business breaks even? How much money will i burn before turning a profit? These are some of the most important questions on any entrepreneurs mind.
Naeem Zafar's new book, Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs, is a startup owner's indispensable guide to basic finance. Zafar draws on two decades of entrepreneurial experience to create an ebook that offers a simple proven method for understanding the most important elements of financial management for businesses.
Written by a seasoned entrepreneur with no formal education in finance, this nuts-and-bolts guide to business finance is crucial to succeeding as an entrepreneur. You don't need a graduate level course to understand the concepts laid out in this easy to read book.


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