mardi 27 septembre 2011

Who Will Take This Man? - Jacquie D'alessandro

who will take this man? - jacquie d'alessandro
who will take this man? - jacquie d'alessandro

A screwball comedy in all the best ways, D'Alessandro's latest Regency-era romance (after Whirlwind Affair) tackles the thorniest problem Meredith Chilton-Grizedale has ever encountered: What is a professional matchmaker to do when her cliens, Philip Whitmore, the handsome heir to an earldom, suffers from an ancient Egyptian curse that will kill his bride within two days of their wedding? Why, fall in love with him herself, of course. But the curse is only one stumbling block. Another is her secret past as a pickpocket, which could ruin Philip in the eyes of Society. And there's also a shadowy villain who is bent on destroying everything (and everyone) that Philip cares for. Meredith hasn't fought her way off the streets and into the finest drawing rooms by giving up, however, and she's willing to do whatever is necessary to break the curse and help Philip defeat his enemy. The protagonists share an easy intimacy, which is deftly illustrated by the running jokes woven throughout. D'Alessandro's tale falters in pacing when Philip begins to take himself too seriously, but this doesn't detract much from the book's overall charm. Trotting at the heels of Julia Quinn and catching up fast, D'Alessandro should win new fans with her exuberant offering.
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