mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Inside Sports - Peter Donnelly And Jay Coakley

inside sports - peter donnelly and jay coakley
inside sports - peter donnelly and jay coakley

Inside Sports is a unique collection of stories about people involved in a wide range of sports. . . Using field work, observations, and probing interviews that included both athletes and supporters of athletic events, researchers gathered data to investigate the influence of sports on individuals and society. . .Some of their findings challenge many popular beliefs about participation in sports and the associated impact on people's lives..
–Magill Book Reviews (Salem Press), August 2000

Recommended for graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of sport and how sport affect human beings, social relationships, and social life.

These vivid, insightful stories will inevitably change how readers think about sports, how they watch sports, and perhaps even how they play sports. Should be required reading for college athletes and anyone hoping to pursue a career in sociology or sports.
–Mariah Burton Nelson, author of The Stronger Women Get, the More Men Love Football

With the careful introductions and excellent suggestions for films, discussions, and projects, Inside Sports will be an excellent reader for any undergraduate course in the sociology of sports.
–Gary Fine, Northwestern University


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