mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Navy Seal Team Six Secrets - Anonymous

navy seal team six secrets - anonymous
navy seal team six secrets - anonymous

After all of their harrowing experiences, SEAL Team Six is being given an easy mission or so they think. Sent to a United Allies Conference in Germany to train with other militaries from around the world, Team Six members Riley and Bowe happen upon shady CIA agents who may be giving away some vital information about America's financial situation.

A major American bank is planning on merging with a Russian bank in an attempt to stimulate both countries economies, but turncoats on both sides are looking to corrupt the merger and line their own pockets by destroying the US economy. Bowe and Riley are captured and tortured by the rogue agents, but somehow they have to escape before the dirty agents assassinate a high profile US businessman.

With the help of SEAL Team Six, the men must save the businessman without tipping off the sniper above who has his sight trained on all their heads and is ready to pull the trigger.


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