mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Group Dynamic And Team Building - Hiriyappa B

group dynamic and team building - hiriyappa b
group dynamic and team building - hiriyappa b

After going through this book, you will able to understand the following issues:
Importance of team define, Team intention & scope, Features of successful teams, Basic team rules, Team meeting responsibilities, What is a good team?, Team functions, Team management, Definition of team management, Team effectiveness, Understanding group behavior in an organization, What is a group?, Features of a group, Characteristics of a mature group, Types of work groups, Team dynamics, Importance of group dynamics, Group norms, Group cohesiveness, Factors influencing group cohesiveness, Group development / stages of group’s formation, Types of groups, Advantages of group decisions, Disadvantages of group decisions, Effectiveness and efficiency of group decision making, Techniques for improving group decision making, Turning groups into effective teams and Developing and managing effective teams


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