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Girlfriend Lies - Natasha Williams

girlfriend lies - natasha williams
girlfriend lies - natasha williams

In Girlfriend Lies, the relationships of five urban women are in jeopardy after buried skeletons resurface. Holding on to the past keeps them from moving toward the future. The women must confront their past in order to give love a chance.


How do you truly be friends with a woman when you’re in love with her husband? That’s the problem CAMILLE EDWARDS is faced with. She didn’t set out to fall in love with her friend’s husband; she just never stopped loving the man her friend married.

NATALIE WILKINS is engaged. It should be a happy occasion but it’s hindered by the secret she’s been keeping from her fiancй. How do you tell the man you love that you’re responsible for your child’s death that he never knew you had?

SHANI ARMSTRONG only wanted to make sure the baby she gave up for adoption was happy. So, she devised a plan to be a part of the child’s life. Falling in love with her daughter’s adoptive father was an unexpected bonus. Now, she has to decide whether to tell them the truth about who she really is and risk losing them both or continue to live a lie to keep hold of what she finally has…love and her baby.

ANGELIQUE DAJANI treats everything like a business. When her marriage ended she did what came natural, threw herself into her work. Now that she just turned forty and her kids are off to college, she realizes that she’s never stopped loving her ex-husband; but, she doesn’t know how to get the man back that she helped to push away. Winning back her ex proves to be a challenge especially when she finds out he’s banging one of her friends and she has to find out which one. The double betrayal sends her over the edge but she doesn’t plan to go alone.

After a series of bad relationships, VANESSA LeFLEUR finally meets a man who makes her want to give love another shot. Things get complicated when her first love, the man who knocked her up then disappeared, walks back into her life after eighteen years. She discovers that the embers of love were never extinguished, only dormant waiting to be rekindled. She must decide if she can forgive him in order to give him another chance or move forward with the new man in her life who has a questionable past.

In the end, the lives of the five friends are intermingled and forever changed. For better or for worse highly depends on the decisions they make. For these women, life approaching forty may be easier than when they were twenty but it’s not less complicated.

***This is an original screenplay in screenplay format.***


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