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Bebop To The Boolean Boogie: An Unconventional Guide To Electronics - Clive Maxfield

bebop to the boolean boogie: an unconventional guide to electronics - clive maxfield
bebop to the boolean boogie: an unconventional guide to electronics - clive maxfield

Every so often a technical book comes along that sets a standard for others to follow; two previous books that come immediately to mind are Foundations of Wireless and Electronics by M.G. Scroggie and The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill, both of which have run to a number of editions (Scroggie was first published in 1936!). We believe two more technical books are about to line up alongside the all-time greats and both of these are Bebop books. We are sure you will discover that the article Alternative and Future Technologies is informative and easy to read. Maxs style helps things along tremendously and you will find you have absorbed masses of technical information almost without conscious effort.
Everyday Practical Electronics

Maxfield literally takes the digital bull by the horns. We are treated to explanations of Boolean algebra, transistor switches, an introduction to logic and memory circuits--even customer-designed (application specific) integrated circuits-delivered in a lively style with well-thought-out illustrations and indexes. For those of use who love electronics--love finding out how things work--Bebop to the Boolean Boogie is a must-have reference.
Stephan Ohr, contributing editor to Computer Design

This is a dangerous book. . . . Not only do you stand a chance of learning something from it, but ten years from now you will still remember it!
Pete Waddell, editor, Printed Circuit Design

When you turn on everyday electronic appliances and computers, theres an electron dance that goes on inside. Maxs book can help you hear and understand the music and learn the steps. Read this book and youll have a greater appreciation of how things work (or, how they should work), and you may even pick up some Karnaugh knowledge along the way!
Brian Moran, Manager of Technical Evangelism, Microsoft

Lives up to its title as a useful and entertaining technical guide . . . well suited for students, technical writers,...


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