mercredi 28 septembre 2011

The Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto - Julie Stachowiak

the multiple sclerosis manifesto - julie stachowiak
the multiple sclerosis manifesto - julie stachowiak

"This a call-to-arms for those living with multiple sclerosis to take control of their lives and be empowered by someone living with MS...With a conversational but authoritative voice, this book is a positive joy to read..."—Library Journal

"Intelligent, empowering, and realistic are just some of the words that describe Julie Stachowiak’s book, Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto. A person living with MS, an epidemiologist, an advocate, and a writer for, Julie Stachowiak knows all too well the emotional and physical struggles MS can bring to daily life. Armed with many years of knowledge and firsthand expertise, Stachowiak has, in her book, put together a wonderful testament to coping with MS.

… honest, straightforward, and at times humorous, Stachowiak offers practical advice about the many obstacles one will inevitably encounter while living with a chronic illness…Chapters are easy to read, but it’s Stachowiak’s unique writing style, knowledge, and carefully thought-out presentation of the material that makes navigating through the pages simple and thoroughly enjoyable."—MSFocus

"…If you are newly diagnosed, a caregiver, or have had MS for many years, she covers a multitude of different topics regarding MS…Overall, I found this book to be informative and uplifting. It's a MUST read!"—Rocky Mountain MS Center

“I wish this book was around when I was first diagnosed with MS. It is straightforward, honest and practical. A must for anyone living with MS.”—Amelia Davis President of MS Friends, and author of My Story: A Photographic Essay On Life With Multiple Sclerosis

“The Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto is a significant resource for people living with MS. ...also demonstrates how people can address those issues individually and collectively to improve the world for themselves and others.”—David Chatel Executive Vice President of Advocacy, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"With the Manifesto in hand, hold a mirror up to your MS-self and see clearly how to tactically push back against this insidious disease”—Jeffrey N. Gingold, author of Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis and Mental Sharpening Stones: Manage the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis

"Issues are comprehensively addressed. Her academic credentials and status as someone with multiple sclerosis make her uniquely qualified to write about this complicated disease with expert knowledge and great sensitivity."—Caphis Consumer Connection Newsletter of the Medical Library Association

"A newly diagnosed person who is shocked and feels fully unaware of what to expect will the book very valuable...sends a message of positivism and audacity."—MSCare (online)


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