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The Hill - Bill Halamandaris

the hill - bill halamandaris
the hill - bill halamandaris

On Capitol Hill it can be hard to separate politics from big business and organized crime. Everyone is in someone’s pocket. Some are in more pockets than lint.

When Nick Alexander returns to The Hill, the first thing he does is revive the investigation that cost him his job and his last boss an election. He is immediately caught up in the web of deception, duplicity, and intrigue that weaves through The Hill.

The Senate is set to adjourn in six weeks. Alexander knows this means he has less than a month to pass the legislation that will stop crooks stealing millions from Federal health programs. He is backed by Senator Carlson Colgate, the handsome and charismatic heir to the Carlson Companies. Carlson is looking for the one thing he doesn’t have – an issue to ride into the White House. He is counting on Alexander to give him one.

Henry Furth, the power broker who made sure Alexander’s last boss was defeated, is determined to see them fail. Furth has a full arsenal of weapons at his command: seductive women – including one Alexander loved and another who says she loves him – Congressional allies, private investigators, professional hit men employed by his client, Star Services, the health care conglomerate with ties to the underworld, and an army of lobbyists. He will stop at nothing – including homicide – neutralizing Alexander’s allies one by one and leaving him to face Rocco Scarpace – the 6’ 6’’ former NY street cop turned enforcer – alone.

Based on reality and personal experience, The Hill is a novel ripped from the headlines. It is a compelling tale of corruption that explains more vividly than any work of nonfiction why our government is so dysfunctional and health care reform is doomed to failure.

About the author:

Bill Halamandaris is a veteran of more than twenty years on Capitol Hill where he served as an investigator, chief investigator, counsel, and staff director of Senate oversight committees. He also served with the Bureau of Budget and Finance, the Pentagon Counter Intelligence Force, and the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Military District of Washington.


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