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Handmade Rug : How To Weave Rugs - Marva Scottie

handmade rug : how to weave rugs - marva scottie
handmade rug : how to weave rugs - marva scottie

There have been many books that have been written that speaks about weaving and the various methods and techniques that can be used, but there is none quite like Marva Scotte’s creation entitled “Handmade Rug : How To Weave Rugs”. With great emphasis being placed on the detailed information and also on the design and presentation of the book, Scotte ensure that her master piece was designed with you in mind.

With techniques, methodology and also the different kinds of fabrics and fabrics that have been derived from the art, you will be amazed as to what you will see when you purchase this work of art. Historical artifacts are also provided and that will give you an idea as to the art that you will be introduced to and therefore you will be able to appreciate the old art that now has become a legend.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 - Used Weaving Asian Woven Rugs Used in Weft Yarns
Chapter 2 - Different Yarns Used in the Creation of Mexican Woven Rugs
Chapter 3 – The Preparation of Weft Weaving Plastic Woven Rugs
Chapter 4 – Settings Involved When Creating Weaved Cotton Rugs
Chapter 5 – Instructions in Managing Warp On The Loom Cotton Woven Rugs
Chapter 6 –Using Warping Technique in the Creation of Woven Rugs
Chapter 7 – The Operation of Weaving Woven Oriental Rugs
Chapter 8 – How to Create Different Loom Patterns
Chapter 9 – The Making of Woven Bath Rugs Scaffolding Loom
Chapter 10 - How To Use Adjustable Frame Looms Making Area Rug

Part Of Chapter 1

An Asian woven rug design is quite primitive all over the world; throughout history man has always felt the need to decorate the things he made and hence weaving is a well recognized craft.

Wool is the weft yarn most used in hand woven area rug weaving and it gives a good hard wearing surface. Choose a worsted spun yarn with medium twist and of fairly coarse fibers.

For the hand woven jute rug, the two-ply rug wool used in the carpet trade....

About The Author
In order to master the art of weaving, then one need to ensure that the basics learning techniques have been acquired. With a love of this ancient art, Scotte, has been associated with this art for a long time and therefore have decided to share her ideas with you. With the inclusion of diagrams, illustrations and techniques that have been used to better assist in showing the importance of the art and what can be done to make it something that can be loved and cherished.

Showing the finishes that can be had and the variety of fabrics that can be derived from weaving, she ensured that anyone can learn this art and if needed, will be able to master it, creating different things both for industrial and also commercial and household use. So if you would like to get into the art of weaving then look for Scoote's book and it will surely make your time worthwhile.


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