lundi 26 septembre 2011

8 Skinny Habits You Can Start Today - Diana Bronson

8 skinny habits you can start today - diana bronson
8 skinny habits you can start today - diana bronson

Bronson reveals her 8 skinny, easy-to-remember habits that have kept her thin all her life. Her book also asks readers to make the connection--between what they’re eating and what’s eating them. Bronson stresses that “the coping mechanisms we have created may no longer be serving us. In fact, we may be serving them.”

Bronson also outs the over-fed, $40-billion-dollar-a-year diet industry for keeping the metabolism secret it refuses to share. Bronson emphasizes that successful programs help individuals “do the archaeological work” of getting in touch with the emotional forces shaping their habits–how they think and feel about food, and why people eat when they’re not hungry. Simply put, in “Habit Number 4 – Salivating is for Dogs,” Bronson urges us to resist our “Pavlovian urges” to eat at 12:00 noon, when we’re not even hungry. In “Habit Number 5 – 20-Minute Meals,” Bronson details that “20 minutes is just how long it takes for your brain to let you know you’re satisfied, and it’s time to stop eating.


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