samedi 24 septembre 2011

Alexander Hickory - Emily Kieson

alexander hickory - emily kieson
alexander hickory - emily kieson

In the fall of 1849, Alexander Hickory died for the ninth and final time. He spent his life building his estate with an elaborate treasure map and clues tucked into every corner. His dying wish was that everyone could partake in the greatest treasure hunt of their lives. But fifty years of greed interfered with his plans. Alex, the last living descendant of the great Mr. Hickory, wants nothing more than to find the treasure hidden somewhere inside her grandfather's mansion. If she does, she can save the house and whatever remains of her family's mysterious past. But Mr. Evans and Ms. Chamberlain, the current tenants of the house, want something very different and will do almost anything to get it. Under constant surveillance by the vengeful Ms. Chamberlain, Alex faces the greatest challenge of her life. Struggling against the constraints of servitude, she must decode the message of the mosaic frog before the others find the treasure and destroy everything she's ever loved.


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