mardi 27 septembre 2011

The Final Case - Peter Sharp Legal Mystery 9 (magic Lamp Legal Mysteries) - Gene Grossman

the final case - peter sharp legal mystery 9 (magic lamp legal mysteries) - gene grossman
the final case - peter sharp legal mystery 9 (magic lamp legal mysteries) - gene grossman

Once again, Suzi must use her locked-room mystery-solving skills to figure out how her nemesis (attorney Morris Arthur) is involved in the apparent suicide of a well-known author, who was found in his study, face down on his desk, shot in the head, with the alleged suicide weapon in his hand.

To make matters more difficult to understand, up until the time of his death, an entire living-room full of guests were waiting for him to walk down the hall from his study, from where they heard him using his old manual typewriter, and even communicated with him via email, from the living room computer station.

The police chief and district attorney among the guests at the cocktail party, and uniformed officers were in the hallway, to confirm the fact that no-one entered or exited the deceased’s study for at least 20 minutes before the suicide shot was heard.

Peter hopes that this case is resolved quickly and that Suzi’s homicide theory is proved wrong, because he is becoming involved with the deceased’s widow, having helped her with advice on her desired divorce.

Will Suzi be right, or is Peter doomed to another failed relationship? This one’s also got a surprise ending and an amazing solution that only Suzi was able to figure out.

As an added bonus, at the end of this book is what has been called the best locked-room mystery ever written: Jacques Futrelle’s The Problem in Cell 13, and any person interested in locked-room mysteries should read it and see the type of genre that inspired the author of this 9th Peter Sharp Legal Mystery.

All thirteen of the Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries are now available in both print and Kindle versions.


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