lundi 26 septembre 2011

Houston. We Have A Problem - Erin Mccarthy

houston. we have a problem - erin mccarthy
houston. we have a problem - erin mccarthy

Josie, an orthopedic resident at a Florida hospital, is funny, warm, and compassionate. She's also highly intelligent and succeeds at everything she does. Right now, however, she's having an attack of klutziness. Specifically, it only appears around Dr. Houston Hayes, a genius orthopedic surgeon with an icy personality to match. He's also a hunk. Josie doesn't realize that Houston is just as bothered by Josie's lush body (which she calls short and chunky) and is determined to end the obvious tension between them. Finally, Houston makes Josie an offer she doesn't refuse: one night together to get her out of his system. But try as he might, it just doesn't work that way. Then, when tragedy strikes and his career is on the line, Houston finds that he needs her more than ever. Josie and Houston are terrifically sympathetic characters, and their story, by turns comic and steamy, is highly enjoyable. Readers will laugh, cry, and want to devour this gem in one sitting. Maria Hatton
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