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Love's Lasting Promise (krista Trilogy) - Donna Oltrogge

love's lasting promise (krista trilogy) - donna oltrogge
love's lasting promise (krista trilogy) - donna oltrogge

Book #1 of “The Krista Trilogy”

When Krista Svenson’s parents are killed by Osage Indians and Krista is forced to flee for her life, she is rescued by wealthy trapper, Jack Frazier. Krista and Jack fall in love over the course of several weeks and are planning to be married when a run-in with a wounded bear throws Krista into the world of Storm Cloud, a Sauk Indian Chief. Krista struggles with her growing feelings for Storm Cloud while trying to regain her memory and will be forced to choose between the two men she has come to love.

Book #2 of “The Krista Trilogy”

Krista is carrying Jack Frazier’s child when he is attacked and his body thrown into the Mississippi River. Krista is beside herself with grief and there is only one person who can save her. As Storm Cloud takes Krista to a hidden valley to recover, Victor Bennet, a man who has become obsessed with Krista, sets about enlisting the help of a Sioux war chief to hunt them down. When Krista and Storm Cloud are cornered by Victor Bennet, Krista begs Storm Cloud to save her daughter. Storm Cloud reluctantly agrees to take the baby to the safety of Krista’s home, Willow Bend, even as Krista allows herself to be captured by Victor Bennet and the Sioux. Storm Cloud returns for Krista knowing that he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice, his life.

Book #3 of “The Krista Trilogy”

Krista and Storm Cloud’s life seems idyllic until Victor Bennet, a man Krista thought long dead, reappears. For Victor, nothing has changed, if anything, his obsession to have Krista has grown even stronger.

As Krista and Storm Cloud are relentlessly drawn into the Black Hawk Indian Wars, Victor is determine to find a way to bend Krista to his will and will use any means, fair or foul, to accomplish that goal.

After escaping from the massacre at the Battle of Bad Axe, Krista and Storm Cloud struggle to survive Victor Bennet’s final attempt to claim Krista for his own.


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