samedi 24 septembre 2011

Promoting Yourself - Hal Lancaster

promoting yourself - hal lancaster
promoting yourself - hal lancaster

Whether you're looking for a new job or seeking to advance in the one you already have, an ever-tightening market and the ever-toughening competition will not be giving you any slack. Promoting Yourself, by veteran Wall Street Journal careers columnist Hal Lancaster, offers 52 ways to even up the score--and then some. Writing from a tradition-based yet thoroughly modern point of view "for people who question the quick-fix psychobabble served up by the empowered, self-actualized, spirituality-seeking nexus that now dominates the overstuffed career advice field," Lancaster refreshingly addresses real-world situations with real-world suggestions. When writing a rйsumй, for example, he advocates replacing "vagaries with specifics" by substituting solid accomplishments for empty adjectives. Consequently, he urges learning all you can about a prospective employer before an interview and then anticipating everything they will want to know about you. Other issues Lancaster tackles include leadership, promotion, advanced education, management (for first-timers as well as the more experienced), job-hopping, time off, buy-outs, mergers, start-ups, office politics, and a few "alternative paths to glory" such as turning a hobby into a career and becoming a free agent. There's plenty of solid advice here that anyone can use to better their working lot in life. --Howard Rothman


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