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Rock Climbing From A To Z - A Resource For All Skill Levels - John Dunn

rock climbing from a to z - a resource for all skill levels - john dunn
rock climbing from a to z - a resource for all skill levels - john dunn

They all thought I was crazy when I said I was going to learn to Rock climb…

But when they saw the pictures of my first ascent there skepticism was turned to amazement .

If you’re a complete beginner and you want to learn how to rock climb…if you posses some basic skills but want to advance further…if you want to discover the “inside tricks” of rock climbing pros… then this website was written just for you.

There’s No Simple Guide!

That’s when I realized I’d have to figure all this out on my own. I decided I was going to do some major studying.

I called up some friends who had more experience than me and they gave me some beginners tips.

I got every magazine, book, and even started reading a lot of websites. Here’s what I found out…

It Can Be Hard, Or Even Dangerous, IF You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

But rewarding, fun, and it will get you in top shape (something that I really needed)

Here are some good reasons why you can get started right away:

• It’s a relatively inexpensive sport
• It will get you in top shape
• The more you know the more fun it will be
• You can practice as much as you want – you don’t have to be on a cliff
• If you make any mistakes it’s not going to be deadly- you can start the basics at lower heights

After I did all this research it was like my climbing improved ten-fold. I’m even proud to say I cleared my first Grade IV at Yosemite last week!

What I realized was that I had compiled enough information to create a straight-to-the-point simple guide to help other people learn to climb… so they wouldn’t have to go through the painful research and trial and error I had to go through.

The Complete Guide To Rock Climbing

I put together an ebook with all my information, it’s called Rock Climbing From A to Z, and here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover inside…

• Rock Climbing 101: Everything you need to know about the differences and how to do “trad” climbing… sport climbing… bouldering… solo climbing… scrambling… mountaineering… ice climbing… and indoor walls (pages 6-18)
• Climbing Equipment – Don’t let the salesperson load you up with junk you don’t need, here’s all the gear you need plain and simple (pages 19-24)
• You complete guide to protection equipment – pros – (pages 24-26)
• Exactly what indoor rock training equipment will get you in shape for rock climbing fast (page 26)
• Your complete guide to rock climbing techniques – rope systems… belays… and the mistakes you absolutely MUST avoid to stay safe! (pages 31-40)
• How to climb like a pro – over 20 techniques pro rock climbers know that get them up the rock faster and with less effort (how many are you using now?) (pages 44-48)
• Don’t sound like a rookie out on the rocks- here’s all the common types of calls so you can communicate clearly with other climbers (pages 48-49)
• What you need to know about all the grade scales and ratings of climbing routes (pages 51-58)
• The two best things to do when you start experiencing aching joints (almost all climbers go through this at some point or another) (pages 61-62)
• The most exciting and fulfilling rock climbing destinations for the beginning… experienced… and expert rock climber (pages 67-72)
• Plus much, MUCH MORE!


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