dimanche 25 septembre 2011

The Technology Of Building Defects - Eoff Cook

the technology of building defects - eoff cook
the technology of building defects - eoff cook

The Technology of Building Defects has been developed to provide a unique stand alone review of the subject. Defects are considered as part of the whole building rather than in isolation. General educational objectives are set out which offer the reader the opportunity of self-assessment. Each section is generously illustrated with photographs and diagrams, forming an accessible self contained review covering the following: objectives; core information; exercises; revision notes; further reading. Taken together these sections build up to offer the reader an understanding of a range of technical topics concerned with building defects. This book can be used for direct lecture material, seminar and tutorial information, assignment work and revision notes. It is a convenient one stop resource which dispenses with the need to consult a mass of different information sources.


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