lundi 26 septembre 2011

The Thirteen Secrets (trinity Of Tears) - Barbara Degraw

the thirteen secrets (trinity of tears) - barbara degraw
the thirteen secrets (trinity of tears) - barbara degraw

Bethany Grace Callahan is about to start a new life. She is young, talented, enthusiastic...and haunted by her family's secret past. Following her eldest sister's tragic suicide, Beth decides she must escape the confines of her dysfunctional family if she is to realize her dreams. But her dreams turn to nightmares when she moves into her grandmother's brownstone in Brooklyn. When she hears and sees..and dreams things she cannot explain, Beth becomes plagued by fears that she is going insane as her sister had before her. In fact there had always been whispers that insanity ran in her family...or was it something more? As BEth uncovers the awesome and terrifying truths, she becomes bound to a compelling prophecy of Biblical proportions.Not easily swayed by matters of the Church, Beth finds the premise hard to believe...until she is witness to her own miracle.


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