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An Unbelievable Beginning - Ronald Johnson

an unbelievable beginning - ronald johnson
an unbelievable beginning - ronald johnson

The Road to Destruction
All of these things, plus many more, have an adverse effect on a young boy, and overcoming life's adversities becomes a heavy duty process, to say the very least. As the years go on, that boy becomes a man, and he learns the things that he did not need to know. It seems like everyday he learns a new lesson, which most of the time is a negative one, and is paving the road to his destruction.

Life's Adversities
Once he takes that big step and evolves from reform school to prison, it is all uphill after that and the insurmountable odds tell you, that he is in for a very bumpy ride. If life's adversities did not already do a good job on him, he discovers the life of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, which lands him right back in prison again. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, for someone to learn from their mistakes, but eventually, in most cases that person does get it together, and moves on with their life. The hardheaded ones that don't learn, either spend the rest of their lives in prison or end up in a body bag! There is a message in this story, and I hope that the reader can pick up on it, as it may save them, or someone that they love or know, all of the heartache they may reach down the road! The first book looks into the life of a boy, struggling to reach his fifteenth birthday!

This is a story about a boy becoming institutionalized at a very young age and having to deal with life's challenges, and becoming street-wise, in the early years of his life. The child abuse that he went through was indubitable, and is one of the main reason's that he turned out like he did. When you have to learn how to fight, at the age of seven, and basically have to take care of yourself, it hardens you to the point of going off, at the drop of a dime, and the act of violence is installed into that person, at a very young age. You learn how to steal, because you don't have any money to buy anything, like the rest of the kids. You learn how to lie, and you learn well, as it goes along with the territory. You learn all about sex, when you are too young to do anything with it. You learn what excruciating pain is all about, and you learn how to deal with it; as they say, "grin and bare it," because you don't have a parent to help you through it. This environment was very toxic for any child that had to live in this type of environment.


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