lundi 26 septembre 2011

Wilde's Gamble (romantic Suspense. Contemporary Romance) - Rebecca Forster

wilde's gamble (romantic suspense. contemporary romance) - rebecca forster
wilde's gamble (romantic suspense. contemporary romance) - rebecca forster

Dominique Baker is 30, single and tired of her high school teacher, Sister Thomasina, sitting on her shoulder tweaking her conscience every time she thinks about having an adventure. At the urging of her dearest, and most decidedly ultra-social, friend Mae Mai, Dominique is determined to throw caution to the wind. Dressed to the nines, she arrives at the local pub sure that she is destined to meet the man who is going to change her life and banish Sister Thomasina once and for all.

T.J. Wilde, cool, confident and single-minded, knows exactly who he’s looking for: a dark haired woman with a killer body who is going to deliver a piece of vital evidence that will get an innocent man out of prison. When Dominique Baker walks through the door clutching her purse like it holds the Jewel of the Nile, T.J. would bet his life that this is his woman. Little does he know how high the stakes of that bet are. Once they make contact it isn’t his life that will soon hang in the balance – it is hers.


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