lundi 26 septembre 2011

2110 - John Economides And Adweek .com

2110 - john economides and adweek .com
2110 - john economides and adweek .com

100 years into the future and the world has become a dystopia ruled by dictators. In exchange for ensuring wars are a thing of the past, they rule with an iron fist. In addition they have removed the religious options for the people by enforcing a single religion called Chrislam.

Can Jane and Jack overcome the oppressive nature of their lives and overthrow the dictators. Their minimal chances of success are significantly increased with the help of Jack's father and his impressive humanoid fighting machines, called Kuborgs.

This novel is a roller coaster of a story of good versus evil, that follows Jack and Jane around the world as they try to outwit the dictators, at the same time as generating support for their cause.

The apathetic global populous must be persuaded that there is an alternative way of achieving peaceful living without the tyrants controlling their lives. However, Jane and Jack have been identified and time is running out because they are being hunted by the hoards of evil police, nicknamed The Trolls, who do the dictators' dirty work.

The dictators are eventually replaced by heads of the main religions and peace is restored. However a cunning evil tyrant, called Francisco, tricks his way into the church and eventually callously murders the leaders and is evidently intent on taking over the world. Jane and Jack must find the tyrant before he manages to kill them as well, but this will not be easy because Francisco has his own army of Kuborg fighters.


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